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  Item #   5. C. 3.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 06/10/2019  
Submitted For: Steve Commons Submitted By: Steve Commons, City Manager's Office

Approval of increased authorization with the Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Oklahoma City (YMCA) relating to the maintenance costs for the Competition Pool; $80,000.
Last year we had our best year in operating the pool with a total cost of $191,000 with the Edmond Public Schools reimbursing the City around $75,000 of that expense. This was the last year of our 5 year agreement . Starting July 1, 2019 the Public Schools will reimburse around $100,000 which includes shared expenses and their share of the property insurance. They will also share equally in equipment repairs over $25,000.

The reason for this supplemental request is basically for three reasons: We had storm events that tore a ventilation duct system on the roof and other roof related matters that has cost us around $30,000 (we have $25,000 deductible and we had other minor repairs from various storms), we have spent $20,000 cleaning the geothermal loop system and repairing pumps after the cleaning (we have learned that we need a third party to commission the system during installation to keep this from occurring) and finally we have had a reoccurring problem with the cooling system above the spectator seating in the comp pool area. We have probably spent $15,000 on various repairs and still have a very unreliable system. We are currently looking at a new system to replace these units. Until that is designed we expect to spend another $15,000 for a temporary unit. These are the expenses that have taken us above our normal operating expense and the reason we requested an $80,000 supplemental appropriation in another agenda item and increasing the contract with the YMCA for services provided for the same amount.
Time Frame
Amount will be adjusted upon City Council approval.
The storm events, a failing cooling system above the competition pool spectator seating and a major cleaning of the geothermal loop system are the issues that have prompted this request.
Action Needed
Public Notification
Posted City Council agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $80,000
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: N
Current contract is for $225,000. The additional $80,000 would make it $305,000
116044- 8392 Park Tax Fund - ERAC Operating Costs $80,000
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