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City Council
Meeting Date: 06/10/2019  
Submitted For: Steve Commons Submitted By: Steve Commons, City Manager's Office

Approval of a contract amendment with HSE architects for the downtown Street Lighting project; $6,800.
When this project was initiated, the plan was to complete the design phase in around nine months. Complications with determining a clear layout of the power distribution downtown, holding the project until after the downtown drainage work was completed and then determining we wanted to coordinate this project with our Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) Downtown has extended this project an additional 16 months. Because of complications and coordination of information, staff is recommending a contract amendment of additional $6,800 to cover the extension of time in administering this project and the additional meetings involved in coordination of the work. HSE has turned over the street lighting portion of their research to Kimley-Horn who will be implementing the ITS work on the traffic signals along with ADA compliance improvements downtown. Instead of having the street lighting project bid as one project and our ITS work bid as a second project, they will be bid and constructed at one time.

A final element of the downtown lighting project was to develop an attractive lighting scheme at the underpass at 2nd/Edmond Road along with decorative lighting at Festival Market Place. HSE will complete that work as part of the remaining funds left in their contract.
Time Frame
It will take them three weeks upon notice to proceed with this contract amendment to complete final bid documents.
For additional meetings involved in determining the power distribution downtown, pausing the project due to the downtown drainage construction and then coordination of the street lighting design information being transferred to another firm, staff is recommending the contract amendment amount.
Approval of the contract amendment.
Action Needed
Approval of the contract amendment.
Public Notification
Posted notice of City Council agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $6,800
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: N
340001-8555 2017 CIP Sales Tax - Downtown Development $6,800
Contract Amendment

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