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City Council
Meeting Date: 05/28/2019  
Submitted For: Brenda Mayer Submitted By: Brenda Mayer, Purchasing

Acceptance of Bid and Approval of Agreement for the 2nd Street Waterline Extension (Air Depot to Midwest Blvd) for Engineering; $669,140.
Engineering recommends award of the construction contract to SW Water Works L.L.C. in the amount of $669,140.00.  They submitted the lowest and best bid.

This project consists of the construction of a 12-inch water line from Air Depot to Midwest Boulevard to eliminate connections to a water transmission line.  One key objective of the water master plan is to separate water transmission from water distribution.  Water transmission is the transport of water between storage facilities within large diameter water lines.  Water distribution is the system of pipes and infrastructure used to deliver the water to service connections and is subject to much stricter testing.
Currently, Edmond has service connections on some water transmission lines.  By eliminating service connections on water transmission lines, new water wells may be connected to them.  This allows blending of well water with treated surface water to provide optimum water quality while increasing water supply.  With service connections to the water transmission lines, this is not feasible due to federal regulations on blending.   
This project will be the first of two projects needed to eliminate service connections from the Water Treatment Plant to I-35 Water Storage Complex water transmission line.  This water line will open up additional area that can be served by Edmond water.  A utility reimbursement district is planned to be established for this water line to recover a portion of the construction costs with any new connections in the area.   The estimated cost of construction was $750,000.
Time Frame
Upon approval
Action Needed
Motion to Approve
Public Notification
Bid specifications/plans (B19-038) were picked-up by thirteen (13) prospective bidders; Six (6) bids were submitted.
See Bid tabulation

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $669,140
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Y
Water Treatment Plant/Waterworks Construction
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