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  Item #   5. B. 4.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 05/28/2019  
Submitted For: Steve Commons Submitted By: Steve Commons, City Manager's Office

Approval of Engineering Services Contract with Cabbiness Engineering, LLC to study the drainage west of the railroad tracks from 2nd Street north to the detention pond and west to Fretz Avenue; $31,000.
Many things are occurring in downtown Edmond. The area that we once perceived of as downtown is now expanding West towards Fretz Avenue. Your recent approval of the development agreement for the Rail Spur project is just one example of the activity. With the closing and removal of the cement plant, new property is being made available for development.  

We are looking at the possibility that a large portion of this Western development could have it's stormwater collected and directed to the downtown regional detention facility.  The proposed study would cover the drainage West of the railroad tracks from Second Street to the detention pond and West to Fretz Avenue.  

It’s important to determine upfront what might be possible as these developments are coming forward for consideration.  Regional detention would be the best solution, this study area was not initially considered when the detention facility was designed.  This review will determine what might be possible in providing regional detention for a large portion of this study area.
Time Frame
Immediate upon approval.
Adjustments in the current regional detention pond might be made to allow for a large portion of the development west of the railroad tracks to utilize the facility.
This item will be reviewed by the Public Works Committee at their meeting on May 22, 2019.  We assume they will recommend, but if they do not, we will advise you prior to the City Council meeting.
Action Needed
Motion to approve.
Public Notification
Posted City Council agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $31,000
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Y
331001-8404 CIP-General Government Land Betterments $31,000
Scope of Work

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