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City Council
Meeting Date: 05/13/2019  
Submitted For: Sara Cobb Submitted By: Sara Cobb, Information Technology

Acceptance of Proposal and Approval of Agreements for implementing the Cityworks Permit, Land and License Management System from Timmons Group Systems, Inc., Azteca Systems and Hyland Software, Inc. in the amount of $581,430 in addition to annual maintenance costs.
The current permit, land and licensing management system is an application that was purchased in 2010. It is used by many departments including Building, Code Enforcement, Oil and Gas Inspections, City Clerks, Planning and Engineering. In 2015, the company was purchased and has since been merged and purchased with other companies. In the last couple of years, there have been very few updates and developments in the current software.  RFP19-009 was issued in November 2018. There were 8 respondents.
Following remote web presentations, on-site demonstrations, the software stake holders selected Timmons Group along with their software teaming partners Azteca Systems makers of Cityworks PLL and Hyland Software, Inc makers of OnBase for Electronic Plan Review. 
Timmons is the implementation partner for both Cityworks PLL and OnBase and will be responsible for the configuration/integration/interfaces of both systems. They also offer a custom Public Facing Portal for Cityworks Server PLL which is focused on enhancing contractor and citizen access to permits and inspections, in addition to providing tools to enhance the functionality of Cityworks PLL.
The City currently uses Azteca System’s Cityworks AMS for its asset maintenance management system citywide. The initial software fee for Cityworks PLL is waved until the city’s normal license renewal on November 14th, 2019. There will then be an increase in the annual software license fee each year with a discount applied over 5 years.
With OnBase by Hyland, the permitting, licensing and land use management (PLL) processes in Cityworks are tied to electronic plan review, making community development more efficient.
The following are the implementation costs for the  Timmons Group:
Software Licenses – PLL Toolset and Portal: $52,300
Professional Implementation Services including configuration, interfaces and Integrations design, data conversion, training, services and support for go live: $350,000
Professional Implementation Services for Hyland Onbase Electronic Plan Review: $103,590
Costs for Hyland OnBase Software Licenses:  $61,700.00
Annual software maintenance cost for software provided by the Timmons Group: $11,200/ year
Annual software maintenance cost for software provided by Hyland Software Inc.  $13,840.00 with a 3% yearly increase
The current Cityworks AMS agreement between the City and Azteca Systems, LLC. is based on 50,000 – 100,000 population range.  The City will replace its existing Cityworks Enterprise License agreement to add PLL effective on its renewal date of November 2019.
No cost increase until November 2019.
The updated Cityworks Enterprise License costs are the following:
Year 1 – AMS $72,000; PLL $35,000 Total: $107,000
Year 2 – AMS $72,000; PLL $45,000 Total: $117,000
Year 3 – AMS $72,000; PLL $55,000 Total: $127,000
Year 4 – AMS $72,000; PLL $65,000 Total: $137,000
Year 5 – AMS $72,000; PLL $69,500 Total: $147,000
Time Frame
Upon Approval
The City is replacing its current permitting, land management application system. The partnership with Timmons Group, Azteca Systems, and Hyland Software Inc will provide a Permit, Land Development and License Management System intended to enhance the offerings and services provided to our customers by assisting City of Edmond departments in:  
  • Providing tracking of system operations
  • Providing customers access via a Web portal – view projects, permits, requesting, initiating, reviewing, corrective actions, scheduling, payments 
  • Providing field investigation and mobile inspections
  • Electronic Plan Review 
  • Data conversion 
The City focuses on providing its customers with exceptional levels of customer service and anticipates the Permit, Land Development and License Management System to further that goal
Staff recommends approval. The Timmons Group with Cityworks and Onbase was selected through a RFP 19-009 evaluation process. 
Action Needed
CIty Council Approval
Public Notification
Posted City Council Agenda

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $581,430
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Y
652060 – 8361 $467,430 IT – Contract Services
652060 - 8415 $114,000 IT – Capital
652060 – 8361 $ 133,000/ Annually for Cityworks PLL and AMS, TImmons PLL Portal and OnBase with increases for support and maintenance IT - Contract Services
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