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  Item #   5. A. 1.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 05/28/2019  
Submitted For: Steve Murdock
Submitted By: Jennifer Harrell, Exective Assistant/Paralegal

Public Hearing and Consideration of Declaring the Highland Ridge Apartments at 1300 E. Ayers in the City of Edmond as dilapidated, uninhabitable, unsafe, unsanitary and a public nuisance. (This item was continued from the April 22, 2019 City Council Meeting.)
Since 2014, City staff has had numerous complaints and issues related to the property at 1300 E. Ayers.  There have been numerous citations issued by the Code Enforcement Department related to unlawful accumulation of trash and weeds, various other health nuisances and property maintenance code violations.  As of October 31, 2018, owner owed $23,720.00 in fines and court costs.  There have also been multiple police and fire incidents, many related to fire alarm calls.  The owner was notified in February 2017 by the City Attorney’s Office concerning these issues.  The issues continued and finally on October 1, 2018 notice was sent to the owner outlining the concerns and notifying the owner of the potential for a hearing before City Council. 

Since receiving the notice, the owner has hired counsel and has made some improvements to the property.  On November 26, 2018 a follow-up inspection was made and there have been regular inspections since that time. 

A copy of the most recent inspection of May 18, 2019 is attached.  As noted almost all items have been completed or are in the process of being completed.  At this time staff is suggesting that the request to declare the property a nuisance be withdrawn. Staff will continue to monitor the property and perform periodic inspections.

Time Frame
Request to declare the property a public nuisance is withdrawn at this time.
Action Needed
No action needed.
Public Notification

Fiscal Impact
Highland Ridge Apartments

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