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Planning Commission   
Meeting Date: 05/03/2016  
From: Bob Schiermeyer
Department: Planning/Zoning  

Case #SP16-00010 Public Hearing and Consideration of Site Plan approval for a new Braum’s restaurant located on the southwest corner of I-35 and Covell Road. (Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store)
Planning Department

1. Existing zoning – “E-1” Planned Unit Development

2. Setbacks – The front setback is 115 feet from the property line, side set back is 37 feet to the east, the west setback is 68 feet, and the south setback is 42 feet.  All the land surrounding the property is commercial and no sensitive border.

3. Height of building – One story, 28 feet.

4. Parking – The building is 6,059 square feet, 57 parking spaces.  Parking can be based on the maximum setting and or square footage.  The restaurant is not over parked.  Bicycle parking will be provided and Jan Fees will inspect.

5. Lot size – 53,750 square feet or 1.23 acres

6. Lighting Plan – Light poles will not be any taller than 24 feet tall. Including the base.  This area is not a sensitive border.  

7. Signage – One ground sign 35 feet tall, 75 square feet per side with a stone pole cover.  Located on the southeast corner of Market Street and Covell Road.

8. General architectural appearance –   The Braum’s will be combination of brick and stone.  Hardie board will be used above the entry and on the tower and will be placed on the canopies.  These are masonry panels that are not EIFS.   The pole sign will be stone veneer from the ground to the sign.  Pole covers exceed code requirement.  The Hardie board is less than 15% of the extension wall surface.

9. Sensitive borders – N/A

10. Mechanical equipment – Located on the roof, screened by a parapet wall. 

11. Fencing/screening – Not required, except for the dumpster location.

Engineering Department

12. Driveways, access management and paving – All the driveways have been approved.  There is a street to the west called Market Street and a street to the east called Exchange Drive.  ODOT has delayed the Covell paving bid until April on the Covell improvements. 

13. Water and wastewater plans – Sewer and water lines are already installed.  The property is platted as the Cross Timbers Park Southwest.  

14. Drainage, detention and grading – Drainage is being installed to the north, offsite as originally planned.

Building and Fire Code Services

15.  Applicable Building Code, Fire Code

Project is compliant with all building codes.

Dimensions-Fire apparatus access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 feet, the closest edge of which must be at least 10 feet from the building, except for approved security gates in accordance with Section 503.6, and an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 14 feet.

Surface-Fire apparatus access roads shall be designed and maintained to support the imposed loads of fire apparatus and shall be surfaced so as to provide hard surface all-weather driving capabilities. Such access roads shall be complete before construction progresses to the first use of combustible materials.

Grade-Fire apparatus access roads shall not exceed eight percent in grade.
Exception: Grades steeper than eight percent as approved by the Fire Chief.

Access road width with a hydrant-Where a fire hydrant is located on a fire apparatus access road, the minimum road width shall be 26 feet, exclusive of shoulders.

Plans do not show fire hydrant locations.

The building is to be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system.

Landscaping/Urban Forestry

16. Lot area =  52,802sf
% required = 15

Landscape area required: 7,812.3 SP Landscape area: 9,146
Frontage area required: 3,906 SP Frontage area: 9,146
Total PU required: 1,250 SP Total PU: 2,036
PU within frontage required: 625 SP PU within frontage: 2,036
Evergreen PU required: 500 SP Evergreen PU: 654
17. Solid Waste Department – Dumpster location is on the southwest corner of the property fully screened.

18. Edmond Electric Department – Edmond Electric will serve.

Braum's I-35

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