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City Council
Meeting Date: 04/22/2019  
Submitted For: Chris Goodwin Submitted By: Nancy Lazzaro, Fire

Approval of Change Order No. 3 to the construction contract with Landmark Construction for Fire Station #2; $50,369 increase.
City Council awarded this contract for a total bid of $4,224,403 on March 12, 2018.  Change Order No. 1, approved by Council on 8/27/2018, increased the contract to $4,254,183.  Change Order No. 2, approved by Council on 10/22/2018, increased the contract to $4,266,304.  This Change Order is for approval to lower the entry ceiling soffit from 20' to 12' and omit the stone above; $10,495 decrease.  Replace specified 4-fold panel door presence sensor with newer model; $1,736 increase.  Install alternate 6" round duct/caps in lieu of specified low profile caps; $1,753 increase.  Waterproofing below the cast stone sill of tower soffit; $1,047 increase.  Addition of electric flush valves to toilets; $1,837 increase.  Omit hand towel dispensers and trash receptacles.  This will be owner supplied items; $390 decrease.  Addition of access control hardware, CCTV, intercom, intrusion and network/licensing; $54,881 increase.  This Change Order increases the contract amount to $4,316,673.

There were nineteen (19) August through December 2018 weather days.
There were nine (9) January and February 2019 weather days.
Time Frame
Immediate Upon Approval.
Approval of Change Order.
Staff Recommends Approval.
Action Needed
Motion to Approve.
Public Notification
Posted City Council Agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $50,369
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: y
121005-8512: Fire Station #2 New Location
CO #3 Station 2

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