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  Item #   4. A. 2.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 04/22/2019  
Submitted For: Steve Commons Submitted By: Steve Commons, City Manager's Office

Approval of the corrected account number for Change Order No. 1 to the Construction Contract with Haskell-Lemon Construction Co for the FY 18-19 Street Overlay Project; $329,893.84.
At the Council meeting on 4/8/19 the Council approved the change order as mentioned above.  Also on that meeting, you approved a supplemental appropriation for the Street and Alley Fund to cover this expense.  The expense account used for the Change order was from the 2000 Sales Tax Fund and this expense should have been charged to the Street and Alley Fund.
Time Frame
Account will be corrected on the Purchase Order upon City Council approval.
Though there was budget authority to cover the expense, that budget authority is intended to be used on some concrete replacement projects we will soon be bidding out.  This change will provide that those funds are available for that work.
Approve the corrected account number.  (Sorry we did not catch this in the last agenda)
Action Needed
Approve the correct account number.
Public Notification
Posted City Council agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $329,893.84
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Y
Previous account used: 2000 CIP Sales Tax - Street - Street Rehab Resurfacing & Reconstruction
338007- 8432 $329,893.84

Recommended account: General Fund - Street and Alley Fund - Street Rehab Resurfacing & Reconstruction
001073-8432 $329,893.84
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