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  Item #   7. A. 3.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 04/08/2019  
Submitted For: Kris Neifing Submitted By: Jennifer Young, Water Resources

Approval of Donation of Two Retired Surplus Analytical Balances to the UCO Biology Department.
The WRRF laboratory had two analytical balances that were retired and replaced due to them having difficulties passing our daily calibration checks (certified calibration weights). One balance would not pass (Water lab) and the standby balance (Wastewater lab) periodically had trouble passing. This is due to the load cells in the balances losing sensitivity over the many years (8+) of use. Our laboratory must adhere to strict ODEQ/EPA guidelines for gravimetric testing (weight-based testing parameters). These balances can not be put back into service but would make very good balances for educational purposes.
Time Frame
Immediate upon approval
This request has been reviewed by Water Resources Director and Purchasing
Staff recommends approval
Action Needed
Motion to approve donation
Public Notification
Posted Edmond City Council Agenda

Fiscal Impact
Surplus Property Transfer Agreement UCO 2019

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