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Stormwater Drainage Advisory Board
Meeting Date: 03/26/2019  
Submitted For: Keith Beatty Submitted By: Keith Beatty, Engineering

Report on annual City of Edmond Rain Barrel & Compost Bin Event

For the 4th year in a row, the City of Edmond hosted a Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Distribution Event in partnership with the Central Oklahoma Stormwater Alliance (COSWA) and Upcycle Products Inc. The event was held at the Cross Timbers facility on Saturday March 9th from 8-2pm. Although Drainage Utility hosted the event, multiple departments contributed to its success, including Edmond Electric, Marketing, Electric Central Warehouse, Public Works Admin, and Field Services. The event also benefitted from the hard work of volunteers from Drainage Utility, Building Services, Police, Legal Services, City Manager’s Office, as well as the public. For the 2019 event, 76 rain barrels and 31 compost bins were purchased and distributed to the public. When combined with the totals from previous events, the City of Edmond has distributed 492 rain barrels and 154 compost bins since 2016.


Our vendor and partner, Upcycle Products Inc. (based in Morris, Illinois), is the largest manufacturer of upcycled rain barrels in the United States. They are firm believers in “upcycling” or repurposing a throwaway item into a product of greater utilization. The barrels used by Upcycle to create their rain barrels and compost bins were originally used to ship food from overseas to markets here in the USA. To food manufacturers, these barrels are scrap once the food has been removed, and in most cases are normally sent to a landfill. Upcycle’s efforts to intercept and repurpose these barrels prevented nearly 240,000 lbs, or 120 tons of plastic, from being dumped in landfills in 2016. The City of Edmond continues to be a proud partner of Upcycle Products Inc. and their efforts to encourage water conservation and reduce negative impacts to our environment.

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