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City Council
Meeting Date: 03/11/2019  
Submitted For: Susan Miller Submitted By: Susan Miller, Planning/Zoning

Acceptance of Proposal and Approval of Agreement for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Rehab Consultant/Inspector with Mario M. Long; $40,000 annual estimate.
Jeffrey Mathews was approved last September for the CDBG Rehab Consultant for the Federal Fiscal Year 2018. As of February 19, 2019 Mr. Matthews has become an employee for the City of Edmond in the Building Service Department, which is in conflict with the CDBG Rehab Consultant job. An RFP was issued to fill the CDBG Consultant job. Mr. Mario M. Long was selected by city staff to perform these services for $70 per hour.

Funds are available and we have HUD approval.
Time Frame
Immediate, for a partial year March 12, 2019 to September 30, 2019.  The contract is renewable each year, for up to 5 years, as long as both parties agree. The contract will be reviewed each year by September 30.
With Mr. Mathews now being employed by the City of Edmond, a new Rehab Consultant/Inspector is needed. HUD requires the city to have one to oversee rehabs or CDBG projects. Mr. Long will prepare detailed work write-ups, create the bids, perform inspections and oversee the construction for  full and/or partial rehabs. He will be involved in the process from the time the client is approved for the rehab until it is completed and the paperwork has been turned into the city's CDBG Coordinator. It is typical for the rehab consultant to visit the project up to three-times per week. He will be on call in case the contractor, homeowner or the city staff has a question or a problem. 
City Staff recommends approval  of Mr. Long for the Community Development Block Grant Rehabilitation Consultant/Inspector effective March 12, 2019.
Action Needed
Motion to approve.
Public Notification
With the City Council Agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: 40,000.00
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Y
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