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  Item #   6. A. 2.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 03/11/2019  
Submitted For: Brenda Mayer Submitted By: Brenda Mayer, Purchasing

Acceptance of Bids for the Mowing of City Owned Properties (including renewal options) - Estimated annual amount; $500,000.
Staff recommends accepting the bid (s) for the Mowing of City Owned Properties as shown below.
Contractors will be paid based on the fixed price bid per property per mowing.

Arcadia Lake Package: - WEECANMOW
Downtown Streetscape: - Fryars Lawn Care
Heavy Duty Rotary Mower Properties Package: - Myers Landscape
Medians & Streetscape Package: - Fryars Lawn Care
Parks Department Properties Package 1: - WEECANMOW
Parks Department Properties Package 2: - Fryars Lawn Care
Parks Department Properties Package 3: - Fryars Lawn Care
Parks Department Properties Package 4: - Fryars Lawn Care
Electric Department Properties: - Fryars Lawn Care
Cross Timbers Complex: - Fryars Lawn Care
Fire Department Properties: - WEECANMOW
Police Department Properties: - Myers Landscape
Water Resources Properties: - Myers Landscape
Time and Material Rates: - Fryars Lawn Care

These are the best acceptable bids received.
Time Frame
Effective upon approval through December 2019
Staff Recommends Approval
Action Needed
Motion to Approve
Public Notification
Bid specifications were picked up by twelve (12) prospective vendors; Eight (8) bids were
See Bid Tabulation upon Request

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $500,000 estimate
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Y
562032-8361 EE – Contract Svs
121005-8361 Fire – Contract Svs
122041-8361 Police – Contract Svs
652057-8361 Facility Maint - Contract Svs
567037-8361 Arcadia Lake – Contract Svs
563332, 563333, 565352 – Water Resources – Contract Svs
001015, 001062, 001163, 116044 – 8361 Park/Median/Urban Forestry – Contract Svs
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