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  Item #   4. C. 10.    
City Council
Meeting Date: 03/11/2019  
Submitted For: Steve Manek Submitted By: Rendi Wehr

Approval of Eleven contracts with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company for Quiet Zone Improvements; $2,649,385.
In 2005, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued 49 CFR Parts 222 and 229, the Final Rule on Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway Rail Crossings. The purpose of the rule is to mandate a federal requirement for the sounding of locomotive horns at all public grade crossings. The rule also created a methodology by which communities could create a quiet zone if each public grade crossing is equipped with Supplemental Safety Measures (SSM's). SSM's are safety measures that have been determined by the FRA to adequately compensate for the lack of a locomotive horn. 

There are two parts to creating a quiet zone. The first part is any signal improvements that are needed on the railroad tracks themselves while the second part are improvements needed on public streets that cross the tracks. The signal system on the railroad tracks will need to be upgraded to the minimum requirements for establishing a quiet zone.

The total estimated cost to upgrade the BNSF signal system along the tracks at all eleven crossings in order to be in compliance with the Quiet Zone requirements is $2,649,385. Those costs are as follows:
Sorghum Mill Rd, $4,000
Coffee Creek, $57,656
Danforth, $520,627
Thatcher, $282,554
Hurd, $60,992
Main, $304,596
1st, $131,108
3rd, $297,472
5th, $493,922
15th, $232,100
33rd, $264,358

A list showing the estimated cost at each crossing will be provided as a supplement to this item.  

The second part involves the City hiring a civil engineering firm to prepare construction drawings for the proposed improvements to the City street as they cross the railroad tracks. Those improvements mainly consist of the installation of a center median. This will be a separate item on the City Council agenda.

The Public Works Committee approved this item on February 13, 2019.
The Capital Improvement Project Advisory Board approved this item on February 26, 2019.

These costs are estimates only.  During the construction of the project BNSF will send progressive invoices. Upon completion of the project BNSF will send a detailed invoice of the actual work completed. 
Time Frame
Upon approval, improvements would take 9-12 months to order materials and install.
The improvements are necessary in order to proceed with the establishment of a quiet zone.
Public Works Committee, Capital Improvement Advisory Board, and staff recommend approval of contracts.
Action Needed
Motion to approve.
Public Notification
Posted City Council Agenda.

Fiscal Impact
Funding/Cost: $2,649,385
Budgeted Item Y/N or N/A: Yes
RR Quiet Zone 331001-8523
Cost Estimate

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