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Planning Commission   
Meeting Date: 11/03/2015  
From: Bob Schiermeyer
Department: Planning/Zoning  

Case #SP15-00030 Public Hearing and Consideration of Site Plan approval for a CVS Pharmacy located on the northeast corner of Danforth Road and Bryant Avenue. (CVS Pharmacy – Meritax, LLC)
Planning Department

There is an existing Shell gasoline convenience station at this location which will be demolished and the underground storage tanks will be removed. Two of the existing driveways will be removed.

1. Existing zoning - “D-2” Neighborhood Commercial
This CVS will be open 24 hours.

2. Setbacks – From the property line at Danforth Road the setback is 86 feet. The setback to the east, next to the bank is 22 feet. The setback to the north is 139 feet and the setback on the west along Bryant Avenue is 80 feet.

3. Height of building – 30 feet

4. Parking – There are 60 parking spaces, the building is 12,900 square feet. Bicycle parking is provided and Jan Fees will inspect.

5. Lot size – 1.65 acres, 71,688 square feet

6. Lighting Plan - Light poles will be provided, no more than 24 feet in height including the base. The nearest light pole to the north towards Kickingbird Addition is setback 60 feet. That light needs to be only 15 feet tall due to the 70 foot sensitive border.

7. Signage – The CVS proposes two signs just over 300 feet apart. One sign on Bryant Avenue and one sign on Danforth Avenue. The sign is six feet tall and the copy is 24 square feet. There are also wall signs that comply with the standards.

8. General architectural appearance – This structure will be brick veneer on all four sides with EIFS trim. There is a drive through pickup on the northeast side of the building. Drive through windows are permitted in this zoning without additional approval. There is also a connection with the bank property..

9. Sensitive borders – There is a sensitive border to the north. The building meets all the standards required. The building is setback 139 feet from the north property line, not just the required 70 feet. The dumpsters are 118 feet from the north property line, not just 50 feet. The nearest light is 60 feet away and will only be 15 feet tall.

10. Mechanical equipment – Mechanical is located on the roof and a parapet wall will screen the equipment.

11. Fencing/screening – There is an existing six foot fence on the north. The width of the property is 200 feet along the Kickingbird Addition. It would be the responsibility of CVS to make sure a fence is always in place.

Engineering Department

12. Driveways, access management and paving – Two driveways will serve this business, two existing drives will be closed. City Council did consider a driveway separation variance on October 26th and approved two drives. Bryant Avenue and Danforth Road are already improved and there is traffic signal at the intersection.

13. Water and wastewater plans – Water and sewer are already serving the Shell Station, so they are available for service.

14. Drainage, detention and grading – The site is already paved, so drainage has been addressed previously.

Building and Fire Code Services

15. Applicable Building Code, Fire Code

Building Department has reviewed project.

No additional fire department access road is needed. The building is to be equipped with an approved automatic sprinkler system and monitored by an approved fire alarm system. The site may require an additional fire hydrant depending on building construction

Landscaping/Urban Forestry

16. Lot area = 71,688sf
% required = 10

Landscape area required: 7,169.8 SP Landscape area: 20,000
Frontage area required: 3,584 SP Frontage area: 12,000
Total PU required: 574  SP Total PU: 602
PU within frontage required: 287  SP PU within frontage: 602
Evergreen PU required: 229  SP Evergreen PU: 297

17. Solid Waste Department – Solid waste will be located on the north.

18. Edmond Electric Department – Edmond Electric will serve.

CVS SPpc11-3

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