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Planning Commission   
Meeting Date: 10/21/2014  
From: Bob Schiermeyer
Department: Planning/Zoning  

Case #SP14-00034 Public Hearing and Consideration of Commercial Site Plan approval for the Edmond Hilton Garden Inn & Conference Center, generally located on the northeast corner of Sooner Road and Covell Road. (Covell Partners in Development, LLC)
Planning Department comments:

1. Existing zoning – “E-1” General Commercial PUD

2. Setbacks – The building is set at a 45 degree angle from the intersection corner of Sooner and Covell. The setback from Covell is 40 feet considering the future expansion; the setback from Sooner Road is 40 feet. This project is a PUD and setback variances are permitted; this is particularly important due to the traffic improvements required. The north and east sides of the building are over 100 feet from the lot line not including the entry canopy.

3. Height of buildings – 80 feet, there is no height limit at this location.

4. Parking – The building contains 130,033 square feet. The parking will meet the requirements for 160 hotel rooms and conference center assembly. There are 546 parking spaces on the site. There will be 28 bicycle parking slots.

5. Lighting Plan – Lighting plan has been submitted and meets the requirements. This area is not a sensitive border. Light poles will not exceed 24 feet in height including the base.

6. Signage – There are two ground signs that are 8 feet tall with a brick base that matches the building. The sign area is 50 square feet. All the wall signs fully comply.

7. General architectural appearance – The majority of the building is brick veneer on all four sides. The top portion of the building is EIF’s totaling less that 15% of the building exterior. The structure is six stories in height. Metal roofing used on the building is standing seam and the roof is flat. There is an outdoor pool area.

8. Sensitive borders – N/A

10. Mechanical equipment – Is located on the roof and will be screened by the parapet wall.

11. Fencing/screening – N/A, except for the dumpster enclosures.

Engineering Department comments:

12. Driveways, access management and paving

Access to the building will be from Covell and Sooner Road with a loop drive around the east side of the building. There is a second drive on Covell.

13. Water and wastewater plans – Water and sewer are being installed for connection.

14. Drainage detention and grading – The detention is immediately north of the hotel and there is a catch pond constructed on the property at this time based on the grading that has occurred. In this case a preservation area is located near the detention and will be used to meet some of the landscaping requirements. This opportunity for tree preservation near the detention, without adversely affecting the detention, usually does not occur.

Building and Fire Code Services comments:

15. Applicable Building Code, Fire Code

Fire Sprinkler- The building is required to be fire sprinkled.

Fire Hydrant & Location – Add an additional fire hydrant on the SE side of the building across from the room where the fire line enters the building.

Fire Department Access- The NW and SE drives adjacent to the building shall be a minimum of 26 ft. in width for fire apparatus aerial operation drives.

Fire Flow – 2000 GPM for 2 Hours. This area will support the required fire flow

Gates – None shown or approved

16. Urban Forestry comments:

Clay Coldiron, Project Manager and Mark Myers Landscape Architect and Arborist have been reviewing plans for preservation of trees in the detention area immediately north of the hotel on an area that is required to meet the detention standards. In addition landscaping will be placed around the Conference Center and Hotel. There is no variance requested. The project will meet the 15% landscaping and plant unit count for the I-35 corridor. Mr. Ryan Ochsner’s numerical breakdown of the landscaped areas is attached; there was a little extra calculation due to the preservation and new landscaping materials being combined for the compliance.

Waste Management comments:

17. Refuse facilities – Facility will require daily service with the limited storage capacity available. The concern would be the lack of service on Sunday. We can service the containers without concern, but it will require 6 day a week service pattern.

18. Electric – Edmond Electric will serve and obtain easements as needed.

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